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Teaching at the Elementary level is something that I have always dreamed of. Previously when I have thought about incorporating blogging into the classroom setting, it was always something that I saw at a higher level of learning. I did not really think about the ways that it could be used a Division I level, until hearing about how Jen Deyenberg used a blog with her pre Grade 1 students. For one I think Jen made an excellent point that it is a very important skill for students in todays age to become just as fluent on the keyboard as they are with a pencil. Using blogging for students to write simple sentences was a great way for her to see which students needed more time learning all of the capital letters, and which kids had them mastered.

This week for my blog I wanted to take a look at different ways to incorporate blogging and technology into a Division I classroom, in a way that was created and published by the students. Below are a number of ideas that I have found that I look forward to trying out in my future classrooms


Similar to Jen’s nephews use of Instagram for a word of the day, there are a number of ways that students can use Instagram

-They can use it as a way to showcase their work

-While learning to read and write they can take photos of sight words

-They could use the video setting to capture an experiment

-They could take pictures of nature (bugs, animals, plants)

Encourage writing in Kindergarten

The following is a list of other ways to use Instagram in the classroom:

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 12.11.33 AM


Blogging is a great way for students to upload their opinions up onto a site where others are able to respond. Allowing students to use a blog can increase motivation, help them develop new skills, and overall achieve learning in an enjoyable way. Having students blog can also be beneficial for interaction between peers since students work is immediately uploaded in an area that allows for comments.

Below are two different sites that showcase a number of different types of blogs

The Best Student Blogs of 2012 shows a number of different blogs created by students of all ages, that are deemed to be very successful

The Edublogger is a site with a number of different classroom blogs from all over the world that are listed and categorized by grade. The chart on the site allows the viewer to know which blogs are student run, the class twitter account, as well as how long they have been posting for.


Following video can be located at Twitter and a Kindergarten Classroom

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2 thoughts on “Communication II

  1. Hello,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog! Like you, I have always wanted to teach at the elementary level. Because of this fact, I too was conflicted with the thought of using blogs in the classroom .While I think that blogs are an amazing way of communication and offer students a chance to have their own independent voice, I often wondered if younger students would be able to use them effectively or if there was a grade in which blogs could or should be introduced. After listening to Jennifer’s interview and reading your blog, I now know that my fears were for nothing. When we think of blogging we often think of students writing paragraphs in response to a topic or question. In reality though, blogs can be used for simple activities also, that require one word or sentence answers.
    I appreciate the way you responded to your blog this week. Instagram is something that I have never thought of using in the classroom, and I found it very helpful to learn about different activities and projects that I could use at the elementary level!!


  2. Thanks for your response Quincy. It was definitely a little daunting for me to think about how one could incorporate blogging and technology in a Elementary classroom. It is very true that we tend to think too much about something as simple as blogging, and see it as a novel, however it can be something very short and sweet. Once you take a look on the internet there are so many different resources and ideas on how to incorporate blogging and technology, which helped take away my concerns. I hope the links that I found were helpful!


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