Google is an application that I have been using for many years, but not to its fullest potential. It wasn’t until a year or two ago that I created a gmail account, or used googles docs. During this specific course I have become acquainted with a lot more aspects of the site including Hangouts, and the more I use each app the more I fall in love with google. During my time in the Ed Faculty I had found this site to be such a valuable collaboration tool. During on campus classes I would use it during any group assignment even if my entire group was siting at the same table in the curriculum lab. It was an easy way for us to all create a presentation or document at the same time. I also was part of the PSI and PSII drive where lesson plans and assignments were shared all on one space. Each subject was divided into subject and grade level to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

Socrative vs PollEveryWhere

In the past I have used similar site to secretive like PollEveryWhere. It was a great site that I was able to use to formatively assess the progress of my students. In terms of collaboration I used it as an open ended question where I would put one of the major themes present in “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Students would then text in their answers on specific examples that they found in the novel that directly related to the theme.
When looking at both videos below on Socrative and PollEveryWhere I am more drawn to Socrative and am intrigued to start using the site in my future classrooms. I believe that the site would be more beneficial as you are able to look at reports and know how each student is doing. With PollEveryWhere all answers are anonymous so you are able to formative assess the students as a whole group, but not individually.

One of the elements of Socrative that I do question is the use of a space race. While I think that majority of the students would be engaged and find it to be a fun activity, I think that some students may be overwhelmed with having to quickly complete a quiz. I know that if I was a student and saw that I was way behind on the race I would feel incompetent.


I think that Padlet will be a great resource in an Elementary classroom. It has a simply layout and is easy to use. I think that it is also something that would be engaging to students as you can add a number of different resources onto the one page. There are a number of ways that this application could be used within a classroom, but the example below is something that I think could be used on a daily basis in my future classrooms.

-During work in the computer lab, or when students are doing individual work in the classroom Erin Klein uses padlet to see where students are at in their assignments. As a teacher it can sometimes be hard to make it around to each student in the room when they are working silently on an assignment. Using padlet to see where each student is at will help to decide which students to spend more time with to get caught up, which students has specific questions that need answered, or which students are well on their way and may be moving onto the next assignment.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 12.35.35 AM


Before looking at wikis I had a preference for google docs, but I really enjoy the history button with wikis. This way you can not only monitor group participation to allocate marks in an assignment, but you can also ensure that no cyberbullying has slipped under your teacher radar

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2 thoughts on “Collaboration

  1. Hey Paige,
    Thanks for your post! Like you, I have just recently started using Google more. Until getting into Ed, I used it only for its searching capabilities. I had no idea that there was so much more to it! The more I find out about it, the more I want to use it in the classroom.
    I really enjoyed reading your discussion of Padlet. I have only ever used it once in PS1 but found it to be a very effective tool. I love that a number of students or group members can all contribute to one final product without actually having to get together or be in the same room. I also think that the way Erin Klein uses it is brilliant. After reading about the way she uses Padlet, I researched some other ideas and found this google docs, check it out!!



    • Hi Quincy,
      Thank you for your response on my blog post! As well thank you so much for the great link that you found on different ways to use padlet in the classroom. This definitely seems to be a great site that I really look forward to exploring further and using in my future classrooms. The link you posted will be very useful to help me think of ways to use the site!


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